GrieselVeld 2007

Beeldentuin Interart 2009

houten beelden. Wood Sculpture

beelden van griendhout. WILLOW SCULPTURE

projecten met leem en wilgenhout. WORKING WITH NATURAL MATERIALS

project servie 2011, Project in Serbia

schetsopdrachten.SKETCHES FOR PROJECTS

project Oergrond 2013. PROJECT for the WATERBOARD

I-Park foundation 2015

Large scale landscape related projects
Work with natural materials

Penelope is weaving.

Penelope is faithful to her husband Ulysses, who has been at sea for many years and is presumed dead. Now she is forced to marry another man. As soon as the rug that she is weaving will be finished, she will have to forget Ulysses and marry one of the men of the island Ithaka. Now, everyday she does her weaving - but every night, secretly, she undoes it again. This buys her the time to keep waiting for Ulysses. In the end he comes back to her.

I think in this story the husband Ulysses is symbol for Penelope's soul. She stays true to her soul. I take it as a lesson for making ephemeral art. Stay true to your soul, don't be afraid to work hard and undo your work again if necessary, and let nature take over. Ephemeral it is.

Penelope says:
"I loose you often -
My fear scares you away.
When I am too obedient -
You quit.
Be the first in my class -
It does not work.
The easy road -
No way.
To think that I already know the end -
Bad surprise.
When I think too small, restriction without reason -
You laugh."

Ulysses says:
"Start living, girl.
Go, dance in the rain.
Maybe, you will find me under a stone,
Or in a drop of rain,
Or in the glass that you raise with a friend.
You know where I am."